Fact or Fable

Here we discuss myths that are stubborn and see if we can clarify them.

#11: Light attracts mosquitoes


In Fact of Fable, we investigate rumors and stories from the travel and outdoor world that no one knows whether they are true or not. looking for blood According to Dr. Sander Koenraadt, Associate Professor of Medical & Veterinary Entomology, the story that mosquitoes are attracted to light is perhaps the most persistent misunderstanding about this …

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#3: Altitude Sickness & Children

Altitude Sickness & Children

Many parents in 2020 still fear that you will not be able to undertake mountain tours at high altitudes with young children (under eight years of age) because the danger of altitude sickness is always lurking. But is that “fear” based on facts or is it a persistent myth?   In April 2007 we already …

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#4: beer promotes a speedy recovery

Fact Or Fable: Beer Promotes A Speedy Recovery After Heavy Exertion

Beer Promotes A Speedy Recovery After Heavy Exertion, that’s what she said. Nothing better than arriving at a cabin or hotel after a long and tough mountain or bike ride and tapping away a few foamy, golden boys. Besides the fact that beer can taste divine, it also contributes to a faster recovery after heavy …

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#6: Never take off your shoes?

Take of your shoes

It is a frequently heard rule: during a break, never take off your walking shoes to prevent your feet from swelling. But is this really the case? In Fact or Fable, we find out. It is thanks to one of our readers that the above thorny issue came high on the agenda. He wrote: “We …

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#5: Cooking in Aluminum pans

Fact or Fable: Cooking in Aluminum pans

Is cooking in lightweight aluminum pans bad for your health? In Fact or Fable, we find out.Anyone who occasionally ventures out as lightweight as possible will undoubtedly also take feather-light pans with them. Titanium is light and strong, but also pricey. In addition, pans made of titanium burn faster. It is more likely that you …

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#1: Old newspapers in hiking boots

newspaper boot

It has long been rumored on the internet that you shouldn’t stuff old newspapers into your wet mountain boots to dry them. The solvents in printing ink would damage the leather. In addition, there is a warning that the membrane of your Gore-Tex shoe can become clogged. But is this story actually true? We got …

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