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If you just getting interested in Beginner’s Guides on camping in general, this is for you.

Can You Wear Hiking Shoes Everyday?

Can You Wear Hiking Shoes Everyday?

Putting on your most comfortable, broken-in pair of shoes and hitting the trail is a great way to start your day. But what if you can’t just leave it at that? What if you have an office job, or perhaps another outdoor activity like going to school, working out, or something similar? It’s not always …

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Can a Camper Tip Over When Parked?

can a camper tip over when parked

Campers and fifth wheels have no problem with stability when they’re driving down the road, but that doesn’t mean they won’t tip over when parked. In fact, a camper tipping over is more likely to happen than you may think.Campers are larger than most other vehicles on the road. This can make them cumbersome to …

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Hardshell vs. Softshell

Hardshell vs. Softshell

  Differences between hard-shell and soft-shell. You are camping at one of your favorite spots with your friends or family while suddenly a car pulls up a few meters from you and bam! In a few minutes, their rooftop tent is set up.  You stare at your friends who are also stunned as you and …

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