Motorbike Tents

If you do motorbike camping then you have different requirements such as Motorbike Tents, let’s see if we can help.

Sleeping Pad or sleeping Mat in 2022


Sleeping pads play two very essential roles in getting a good night’s sleep in the outdoors: cushioning and insulation. While it may seem like having a comfy surface to sleep on is a pad’s most beneficial function, its capacity to keep you warm throughout the night is always extra important. Here’s how to pick a …

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Keeping Your Rooftop Tent Clean

cleaning an rooftop tent

When was the last time you cleaned your rooftop tent? Has it been months or maybe years? Well, either way, it’s no secret that rooftop tents stay cleaner for longer than ground tents. Being on top of the car it is hard to get mud, dirt, or even a lot of sand particles. However, this …

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Rooftop Tent on a motorbike

Rooftop Tent on a motorbike, are you kidding me_

Yes, I was as surprised as you are. In 2016, see photo above, a German company launched its Mobed motorcycle tent, but it has not yet gone into production that we know. Darn, I was so looking forward to this…..Oh well In other news….. Giant Loop Introduces First Seat Top Tent for Adventure Motorcycles Giant …

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Covid-19 and Camping, safe?

coronavirus riskiest activities

    In short, yes, camping is a low-risk activity Interested in camping in a rooftop tent? See our excellent article: The Ultimate Guide for Rooftop Tent Beginners What you need to know Visit parks and recreation areas that are close to your home. Don’t visit crowded parks or campgrounds. Carefully consider the use of …

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