Rooftop Tents

Sleeping on top of your car is the best camping experience I’ve ever had.

Sleeping Pad or sleeping Mat in 2022


Sleeping pads play two very essential roles in getting a good night’s sleep in the outdoors: cushioning and insulation. While it may seem like having a comfy surface to sleep on is a pad’s most beneficial function, its capacity to keep you warm throughout the night is always extra important. Here’s how to pick a …

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Hardshell vs. Softshell

Hardshell vs. Softshell

  Differences between hard-shell and soft-shell. You are camping at one of your favorite spots with your friends or family while suddenly a car pulls up a few meters from you and bam! In a few minutes, their rooftop tent is set up.  You stare at your friends who are also stunned as you and …

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Keeping Your Rooftop Tent Clean

cleaning an rooftop tent

When was the last time you cleaned your rooftop tent? Has it been months or maybe years? Well, either way, it’s no secret that rooftop tents stay cleaner for longer than ground tents. Being on top of the car it is hard to get mud, dirt, or even a lot of sand particles. However, this …

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A Ceiling Hoist, yea or nay?


A Ceiling Hoist for your Rooftop Tent, useful or not? A Ceiling Hoist you say? Wouldn’t it be awesome to drive your car into the garage after a nice couple of days away from it all and just lift the rooftop tent from your car and have it out of the way until the next …

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Overlanding in cooler weather


Is camping in your blood and you also love the cooler weather but not the cold?  With most people preferring summer camping, it is possible to camp during the colder season.  During this period of the year, you get to avoid crowded camping sites, high temperatures, and even some pesky insects and bugs read on …

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Are Rooftop Tents Waterproof?

Rooftop tent waterproof

As an enthusiastic camper, nothing is more unbearable than sleeping in a tent that is leaking. If you are looking into buying a rooftop tent, you want to be absolutely sure that your family and everything inside your little cocoon stays dry. Here we take a look at Waterproof Rooftop Tents: If there is no …

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Best Rooftop Tent With Hard Shell

Rooftop Tent With Hard Shell

If you love camping, but don’t like setting up and taking down your tent, then hard shell rooftop tents are the best option for you. So, below are some of the benefits of hard shell rooftop tents over regular ones: Setup is usually a matter of a few seconds, so you can do it single-handedly. …

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Covid-19 and Camping, safe?

coronavirus riskiest activities

    In short, yes, camping is a low-risk activity Interested in camping in a rooftop tent? See our excellent article: The Ultimate Guide for Rooftop Tent Beginners What you need to know Visit parks and recreation areas that are close to your home. Don’t visit crowded parks or campgrounds. Carefully consider the use of …

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