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Can You Wear Hiking Shoes Everyday?

Can You Wear Hiking Shoes Everyday?

Putting on your most comfortable, broken-in pair of shoes and hitting the trail is a great way to start your day. But what if you can’t just leave it at that? What if you have an office job, or perhaps another outdoor activity like going to school, working out, or something similar? It’s not always …

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Can a Camper Tip Over When Parked?

can a camper tip over when parked

Campers and fifth wheels have no problem with stability when they’re driving down the road, but that doesn’t mean they won’t tip over when parked. In fact, a camper tipping over is more likely to happen than you may think.Campers are larger than most other vehicles on the road. This can make them cumbersome to …

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How To Patch Canvas

How To Patch Canvas?

Some of the best camping equipment on the market is made from canvas, with its durability and protection from even the most adverse weather conditions making it a popular choice for seasoned campers.   However, no matter how durable or high-quality your canvas camping equipment is, it can never be one hundred percent immune to tears …

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How To Use A Lifestraw


LifeStraw is a company that specializes in water filtration and purification devices. Although they now have a range of popular water filtration products, it is their LifeStraw that started it all. This compact, lightweight product is the perfect addition to any outdoor enthusiast’s survival kit. There is no secret that water is the giver of …

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How To Carry A Kayak By Yourself

How To Carry A Kayak By Yourself

We get it. Being alone on the water in your kayak is peaceful and fun. However, in exchange for this tranquil alone time, you must also learn how to carry a kayak by yourself, and this can be a difficult task.  Learning how to lift and carry your kayak is essential if you want to …

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HeroClip, A carabiner that can do more

HeroClip, A Carabiner That Can Do More

HeroClip is a carabiner that can hold whatever you want! Backpacks, lanterns, and hydration systems from tree branches, gear from fences and trees. Travel bags from doors or a bag from a suitcase handle, paint buckets from ladder rungs, buckets from gutters, etc. The Outdoors with a HeroClip Anyone who likes to play outside knows …

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Editor’s Tip: Woolpower


Warm in the winterThe Swedish Woolpower is a reference when it comes to under and overwear in merino wool, such as baselayers, mid-layers, gloves, and socks. Merino wool has unique properties: it wicks sweat to the outside, so you never overheat while hiking or cross-country skiing. At the same time, it retains the air and …

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Editor’s Tip: Leatherman FREE T4

Leatherman T4

Twelve tools in your pocket with the Leatherman FREE T4 Leatherman FREE T4 is a pocket knife with some gadgets that are indispensable for many outdoor adventures. Although the use of one of the tools often remains quite a challenge. Who didn’t have a torn fingernail when unfolded? The well-known Leatherman adapted a sleeve there …

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