Tips, everybody likes tips. Here we discuss what we found so far on the internet and give you some of our own tops.

HeroClip, A carabiner that can do more

HeroClip, A Carabiner That Can Do More

HeroClip is a carabiner that can hold whatever you want! Backpacks, lanterns, and hydration systems from tree branches, gear from fences and trees. Travel bags from doors or a bag from a suitcase handle, paint buckets from ladder rungs, buckets from gutters, etc. The Outdoors with a HeroClip Anyone who likes to play outside knows …

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Editor’s Tip: Woolpower


Warm in the winterThe Swedish Woolpower is a reference when it comes to under and overwear in merino wool, such as baselayers, mid-layers, gloves, and socks. Merino wool has unique properties: it wicks sweat to the outside, so you never overheat while hiking or cross-country skiing. At the same time, it retains the air and …

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Editor’s Tip: Leatherman FREE T4

Leatherman T4

Twelve tools in your pocket with the Leatherman FREE T4 Leatherman FREE T4 is a pocket knife with some gadgets that are indispensable for many outdoor adventures. Although the use of one of the tools often remains quite a challenge. Who didn’t have a torn fingernail when unfolded? The well-known Leatherman adapted a sleeve there …

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